Thursday, September 9, 2010

WICR Wednesday 9/8/2010

Our second installment of the WICR Wednesday lesson.
This one was sent by our great AVID and English teacher on our faculty.  :)

WICR Wednesday Challenge #2:

Last week we introduced WICR and explained that the "AVID philosophy involves integrating the four WICR elements into every classroom on a routine basis since they encompass four crucial skill areas for college-bound students."

Each week we want to share a strategy that we use in both our AVID elective classrooms and our academic classrooms. These strategies are not "AVID" strategies. They are simply best teaching practices that students say help facilitate their learning.

Philosophical Chairs
Philosophical Chairs is a strategy that both my AVID kids and my English III kids love. It encompasses all four of the WICR elements. Attached is a detailed power point explaining the process.

Basically, a teacher would use this strategy to foster a group discussion in an orderly fashion.

The W or writing takes place before and after the discussion. I have kids write their opinion or answer to the question down before we start and then reflect on how their opinion has changed based on what they heard.

The I or inquiry and the C or collaboration happens during the actual discussion. Students can ask questions, defend their ideas, and discuss in a structured manner.

The R or reading should happen first. They need to have read an article, part of a novel, or passage before they come to class so that they have an opinion to share. I have attached an article that our district director shared with us that I have used in my AVID elective class concerning sagging pants. The kids really seemed to enjoy it. Join the challenge and try a Philosophical Chairs lesson with your students!!

If you have any questions, please see any site team member or any teacher on campus that has attended a Write Path training session. Philosophical chairs is covered in almost all of the disciplines. We do have Path training coming up in September. If you are interested, please let a site team member know.

AVID HISTORY PATH:  Philosophical Chairs PPT

Saggin Pants Article

Using Philosophical Chairs

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

WICR Wednesday 9/1/2010

Today was our first WICR Wednesday of the year.  It is an idea that has been done before by many other AVID schools.  But, our district director really pushed us to work on this as a district this year.  Here is how it works:  We have a scheduled Wednesday for each AVID elective teacher and coordinator in the district.  On that week that the person is assigned, they will send their WICR Wednesday lesson to our district director and she emails it out to all the AVID coordinators across our district.  Then they sent it out to their faculty.

Good idea and great way to spread the AVID way.

My WICR Wednesday choice was straight stolen from one of the examples that our director sent out.  But, I thought it captured what WICR is perfectly and sets the stage for the rest of the WICR Wednesday emails through out the year.

Hello Eagleland,

This week, your AVID site team invites you to take the One-Week WICR Challenge.
WICR is an acronym used by AVID to highlight four key aspects of curriculum in a successful classroom:

The AVID philosophy involves integrating these four elements into every classroom on a routine basis since they encompass four crucial skill areas for college-bound students.
How to Take the One-Week WICR Challenge:
Print out the attached WICR Week Tally Sheet and fill it out each day, noting the ways you incorporate writing, inquiry, collaboration, and reading into your curriculum.  At the end of the week, you'll be able to assess how successfully you involved your students in WICR.  If you notice any deficits, make an effort next week to find ways to improve the balance of WICR in your routine.
(I've also attached a chart which lists some examples that fit into each part of WICR in case you need a few ideas!)
Keep reading the Wednesday WICR e-mails for suggestions for how to strengthen each of these areas.  If you need extra help, seek out a site team member.  We'll be happy to assist you.
Have a great week!
Our AVID Elective Teachers are:
More about AVID on the Humble ISD District site:
To see what Mr. Duez is doing in his AVID class each week -
WICR Week Tally Sheet