Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer So Far

Since Christmas I have been saving up some Best Buy gift cards and finally loaded them up on a purchase. I bought a new laptop this summer and decided on the inexpensive, sleek and small Chromebook. It's not for everyone. But, I am sure I will enjoy using this in the living room while watching tv to browse the net.

Here is my review on my personal site:

My plan is to also write up a review especially for this blog so that I can add my two cents as far as how a Chromebook could be used by schools.  Google is starting to lease Chromebooks to both schools and businesses.  They might make some sense, but I want to be sure to understand them better before putting my opinion on it.

Hope summer is treating all of you well. I am busy with going to physical therapy three days a week to work on improving my strength and balance as I recover from my first major flare of Multiple Sclerosis.

I have also read a number of books this summer:

The Trilogy - "The Hunger Games"
Tuesday's With Morrie
and I am about to read the first book of "A Song of Fire and Ice" - A Game of Thrones.

Hope everyone has had a happy and safe summer so far.