Friday, March 27, 2009

My Life as a Mosquito

Today was a pretty cool day. My students have been working on their 5th Six Week's Video Project for about 5 weeks. They were itching to present them and to show the class. All were GREAT. It is amazing that they get better and better every year. But, technology and the human mind keeps advancing.

Don't let people convince you that kids get worse and more stupid every year. It is simply not true. I find that each year I teach the students are more engaged, philanthropic and have more of a sense of service to their community. I know people are going to read this and think I am diluted. It is simply my world and my observation and it is true of the students that I am very lucky to have.

Today at the end of one a video about Malaria (it kills a person in Africa every 30 seconds), the kids had a bit of fun:

The two students who were presenting had a message to the kids, donate to to help send nets to African families. $10 can get a net for a family. It saves lives.

Then they had a slide with a caption: "Because we all know mosquitoes are not as friendly as we think." (yep that's me. the class busted out laughing)

It made my day. I am a lucky teacher.

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