Saturday, August 7, 2010

Rules Video for 1st Day of School 2010

As I mentioned in my last post, I am working on my introductory videos to my class.  This is the rules video.  It's short but sweet.  I want my students to remember the rules.  I want them to be simple, but flexible.  I want them to be positive and supportive.  I also stole them from my wonderful wife, who is much smarter than I am.  :)

The three rules are:
1. Be Prompt.
2. Be Prepared.
3. Be Polite.

They pretty much cover everything needed in my classroom.  Get to class on time.  Be ready to learn.  And be good to everyone in the class.

Again Aidan is my star for the show.  I like that he adds a little comic relief to RULES.  Going over rules for the classroom on the first day can be dry and for kids it can seem unnecessary.  At least Aidan has added some fun to it and maybe they just might connect to them a little better?

Here's the video.  What do you think?

Rules WH 1stDay from Mr. Duez on Vimeo.

My rules video for the first day of class.
Be prompt, prepared and polite. :)


  1. too cute. I think Aidan may steal your thunder!

  2. Oh I am sure he will. This year I don't have a lot of thunder. :) Just probably partly cloudy.


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