Sunday, April 24, 2011

Observer Article About MS Awareness at AHS

A very nice article in the Observer this week about the MS Awareness campaign at our school.  Just amazing to see this all in print.  :)
Mr. Duez thanks Ms. O'Brien

I can not tell you and fully express how grateful I am to everyone.  So many have given and wished me well, it is overwhelming.  The support has really given me the push I have needed to realize that even if I have been given a bad break, there are so many great people in my life.

Link to my post about Operation Bald Eagle - Head Shaving for MS Awareness.

Link to my post sharing my Email to the AHS Faculty with lots of pictures of the events during the MS Awareness campaign.

Link to my AHS Softball Benefit Game Video & Thank You Video to the AHS Patriettes.

Link to my former student Sara's MS 150 Post - she rode for me last weekend.  :)

Link to our pics modeling the MS Awareness T-Shirts.

This was a serious affair with REAL barbers.  :)  
Mr. Scalia should never have scheduled a test on the same day as the head shaving.  These two got him good!
My former student Kristin did a wonderful job on Mr. Head's head.  :) Mr. Head's family has been impacted by MS.
Ms. Davison is beautiful with or without hair.  Thank you neighbor for raising over $1500 for MS Awareness!  You ROCK.

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