Thursday, February 4, 2010

First Brick in the Wall

I have been contemplating the idea of starting a teaching blog.  So, this is it.  Thanks for stopping by.

Mission - it's my hope that I can start a conversation and I hope that others will contribute, help, and hopefully learn.

Theme - the theme I'm starting with is based on the Pink Floyd song, "Another Brick in the Wall."  I always liked the concept of rebellion against the stale, tired, and sarcasm-filled teacher that does evil and seems to enjoy it.  So hopefully here at this blog we can create a positive atmosphere where teachers can prevent themselves by being just another brick in the wall.  It is simply my nightmare scenerio to one day be the teacher in this video near the beginning, "What have we here laddie?  The laddie reckons himself a poet!"  Sad.

So, teachers... don't be just another brick in this wall.  Let's enjoy this tremendous career in teaching, help each other learn and get better, and hopefully inspire our kids to be the very best.

They do need education.  A great one.  Not just another 'brick in the wall.'

More to come over the weekend.  If you have any ideas for what this could become, please leave a comment and let me know.

btw = "How can you have any pudding if you don't eat your meat?"

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  1. David, I am so glad that you've started a teaching blog. Although, I believe your other blogs definitely satisfied your contribution to the teaching world.

    I am REALLY excited about what you will say here and what your optimism and reflections will add to the teaching "blogosphere." We NEED your voice, it is your voice of reason and experience that keep us, newbies, going! You offer a passion and love for the profession that we need to hear. I can' wait to read your thoughts, your suggestions and your experiences.

    Welcome, again!


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