Monday, May 10, 2010

Agenda: ACP Class Monday, June 10th, 2010

Tonight was a rare class where I will only see this group one time (hopefully someone will cancel and I can come in again!).  Because of that we rushed through a lot.  So I wanted to be sure to get this power point up quickly tonight.  Also here are a few of the video clips we saw, a link to the book I mentioned, and also a power point about Socratic Seminar - the class room strategy we used at the end.

Please email me: about any kind of questions you might have.  Feel free to give me a call if you'd like to come in and observe.

Classroom Teaching Tips

Socratic Seminar

Classroom Strategy from Youtube, 1st grade:

Classroom Strategy from Youtube, 6th grade:

Teach Like a Champion by Lemov.  Great book.  Highly recommend it.

By D. Lemov - John Wiley & Sons (2010) - Paperback - 352 pages - ISBN 0470550473
Teach Like a Champion offers effective teaching techniques to help teachers, especially those in their first few years, become champions in the classroom. These powerful techniques are concrete, specific, and are easy to put into action the very next day. Training activities at the end of each chapter help the reader further their understanding through reflection and application of the ideas to their own practice.Among the techniques: Technique #1: No Opt Out. How to move students from the blank stare or stubborn shrug to giving the right answer every time. Technique #35: Do It Again. When students fail to successfully complete a basic task?fromentering the classroom quietly to passing papers around?doing it again, doing it right, and doing it perfectly, results in the best consequences. Technique #38: No Warnings. If you're angry with your students, it usually means you should be angry with yourself. This technique shows how to effectively address misbehaviors in your classroom. The book includes a DVD of 25 video clips of teachers demonstrating the techniques in the classroom.

Here is a sample from the DVD:

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  1. i wish i had heard some of these things prior to my first year of teaching. i'm sure it was good class. Kuddos to you for making it relevant and useful and not just that same old textbook rhetoric.


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