Saturday, May 29, 2010

Summer Staff Development Project - Teach Like a Champion

I haven't posted in a while, sorry about that.  I have been awfully busy with AVID certification and I'll post on that later this weekend.  But, today I have our summer staff development on my mind.  So I thought I would write a bit about it.

We have a two day, AHS only staff development over the summer.  Teachers have signed up to facilitate it and I've done this in the past.  We have amazing teachers on our faculty and it's really great for them to be able to put a presentation together about something they have learned or what to teach to the rest of the faculty.

In the past I have taught about Grading For Learning.  This year I wanted to do something that touched on a few of those concepts, but I have been really taken by the book Teach Like a Champion.  I would really like to focus on a few of their concepts about Checking for Understanding and also Creating a Strong Classroom Culture.  Has anyone read the Champion book?  Any ideas on how I might incorporate things over an hour?

We met last week and had a meeting about it.  The leadership at our school would also like to tie new technology to each session.  So I am really struggling to figure out how to do this.  I believe we are all getting something called a Mobi.  Has anyone used one before?  Maybe you could help me see how I could tie that device with what I would like teachers to learn from Teach Like a Champion.

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  1. a mobi? never heard of this before! i'll be googling it. Maybe, you could actually teach a specific concept like you do in your class and use the strategies to illustrate???? I'm sure you'll do a GREAT job with your presentation.

    I'll start reading the book this summer; i'm sure we will have some great discussions from it!


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