Monday, July 5, 2010

Prep for Staff Development - Teach Like a Champion

Lots to do this month, including rest and relax.  :)

My number one goal is to get my presentation ready for our summer staff development for school.  I'll be working with two other awesome teachers to present a chapter from Teach Like a Champion.  What we have decided to do is use chapter 4:

Chapter Four. Engaging Students in Your Lessons.
Technique 22. Cold Call.
Technique 23. Call and Response.
Technique 24. Pepper.
Technique 25. Wait Time.
Technique 26. Everybody Writes.
Technique 27. Vegas.
Reflection and Practice.
Do any of you use these techniques already?  What has worked for you and what have you struggled to implement.  I know my #1 thing I learned from TLAC was Cold Call and Pepper.  I like it because Pepper is 'game like' and I know my kids will enjoy the competitive nature of it.  Also I do a poor job of covering vocabulary.  Honestly, with my pre-AP kids I feel like they should be more independent with vocabulary, people and events.  They should be learning them outside of our lessons at school by reading their book, taking notes, creating flash cards, etc.  BUT, I still need to check on their learning.  Doing it in this informal way will be a wonderful tool for me to use.  Quick, simple and effective.

I also dabble in Vegas a bit (as you can see from the costume shot of me in the banner above).  But, I know Vegas needs to be sharp and quick to be effective.  I would love to do more hats and costuming.  It is just fun and the kids really perk up.  Problem is that it costs $ to do so and it is an investment.  But, one I am willing to add to and build on each year.

Our professional development is during the last week of July and first week of August.  I always enjoy these sessions because it is great to catch up with everyone after they have been away for the summer.  And most people are very open and willing to learn.  We aren't burdened by the work of the school year yet.

I would like what we have to show the faculty also be inspirational.  Teaching Like a Champion is indeed a great message.  I am not a big Notre Dame fan, but I love how their players tap the "Play Like a Champion Today" sign as they exit the locker room to the playing fields.  Hopefully we can instill that same kind of spirit in our faculty.

We are also going to be utilizing the Mobi Interwrite Tablet during our training.  One of our technology teachers is leading that up and I think it will be great for the faculty to see the Mobi in action and hopefully it can enhance our lesson.  

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  1. Mr. Duez,

    Hello from HHS! I was researching Chapter 4 of Lemov's book for presentation to our faculty and found your site. I love it! You are truly doing great things! I would be interested in having you share some of these ideas with our faculty some time.

    I would love to see your presentation of Chapter 4, since you are obviously extremely creative. Do you have it videotaped? This book is one of the best I have ever seen on good instruction. I will boast that I was the one who shared it with Ms. Rovegno for us to use district-wide. :)

    Keep up the great work!

    Mary Kay Gianoutsos
    Associate Principal


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