Sunday, June 27, 2010

Modified DBQ Examples from 2010 Dallas I SI History I Strand

The image below is what we used for our example of a Modified DBQ.  The others are what we created in class.  Great examples of how you can get this done in a classroom and help your students work with sources and write a thesis.

click on each image above to make them larger.  

We had a good time on Thursday working with primary/secondary sources and also with "Modified DBQs."  There were some great examples of how you could work on this with your students.  Thanks!


  1. I love how they were set up poster style. I am determined to teach my honors WH how to dbq this year. What a great activity to do as a lead up!

  2. Yes it is about scaffolding. This is something you can do even with middle school kids.

    What I do is walk them through it in steps the first time, with the same question for all. Then later on give them each the option of creating their own question.

    I suggest working in groups on something like this, but then creating one agreed upon thesis for the entire class. Shows them great thesis writing as a group.

  3. BTW - My vertigo had returned by Thursday and these pictures are terrible. I wish I would have spent more time on them. I didn't realize they came out so poorly on my cell phone. :(

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  5. i loveeeeeeee this!! wowlala!


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