Sunday, June 13, 2010

Another Thank You Notes to Remember - From AVID Student

I wanted to write out a few more of the great thank you notes that I received at the end of the school year.  I do this to remember them and to have them permanently on this blog so that I can pull them up when I am old and grey and smile.  :)

Mr. Duez - 
Where do I being... :)
I wanted to say that this year in AVID has probably been my favorite.  Last year was cool too, but this year I learned to appreciate it more.  Last year in tutoring it helped, but I took it for granted and this year it really helped me in all my classes.  I especially liked it when you came to my tutor group and helped me with my questions because no one else knew the answers like you did.  I would love to switch World History classes!  ha ha!  :)  Anyway, I wanted to thank you for a great two years in AVID and I really hope we have a great year again next year!

Such a sweet note and so nice that she took the time to type it up and fold it out like a card.  Really neat.

AVID is always a struggle because we have the kids for 4 years.  The kids have their ups and downs... and so do I.  But, it's about the long haul.  It's about getting these kids to college.  So you take things one day at a time and one step at a time.  And sometimes one tutoring question at a time.  :)

I can't wait until next year.  It will be so incredible to graduate my first AVID class and to also see my juniors accept the challenge of AP and Dual Credit classes and succeed.


  1. Another beautiful note. I wish we had a program like AVID, I wonder if would change the path for many of my students.

  2. It can help any students in any schools. :)


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