Friday, June 4, 2010


Our beautiful school
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Had to go into school this morning to pick up a check that was in my box.  It was amazing how peaceful it was for a Friday morning.  The stormy clouds from the day before were leaving and blue skies with big white clouds were coming in over the school.  I just had to take a quick picture.  It's such a beautiful building.  My wife and I are so lucky to teach there.

Unfortunately on Monday the life, craziness and commotion will return.  For the fifth year in a row we'll be hosting summer school for the entire secondary portion of our district.  We have 5 high schools, yet AHS is ALWAYS the home of summer school.  I simply don't think it's fair.  Our teachers have to tear down their entire rooms, pack up everything into a small wardrobe and take the rest home.  Yet 4 other high schools sit vacant while ours is used and abused.  It's really not fair.  I hope at some point they realize it needs to rotate.  Before long the school is going to age well beyond it's 5 years in wear and tear alone.

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