Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Reflections from a former student

This really made my day today.  I was actually doing a facebook search for a new teacher group that a colleague at our school created.  Instead of searching through FB groups, it actually searched the web for our school name.  It brought this entry up:  

Why I Love My School Essay Contest
I recognized the student's name that corresponded with the entry and was not surprised.  She was a tremendous student.  I read through the essay and was so excited to read this part:

Sometimes I have a hectic schedule because of choir and dance, and my teachers were always available when I needed them. Sophomore year, my world history teacher was my favorite. I had history, usually a class that I dread, seventh (last) period, but I looked forward to it because my teacher made it interesting. He was very creative and let us be creative, too. When there was a project assigned there was always more than one way to accomplish it. My favorite project of the year was when we studied medieval castles; we were asked to build one, and kids arrived at school with castles built out of crayons, soda cans, marshmallows, and even sand. 
This teacher also told me about a program that our school has called AVID—Advancement Via Individual Determination. Part of the program is tutoring, and my history teacher got me a job tutoring freshmen at my school during an early release period. When students like their teachers, I believe it inspires them to put more effort into their classes, therefore giving them a better education and school experience. They wants their teachers to be proud of them, so they try their best and ask for help when necessary, leading to achievement that may not have come if they had only tried some of the time because they didn’t care what the teachers thought. I love my school because my teachers have been the best that I could have asked for.
I was stunned because she was writing about me.  It really  made my day.  I can't wait to see her and thank her at school.  So kind of her.  :)  I am such a lucky guy. 

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  1. Talk about validation - what a wonderful gift she gave you!


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