Saturday, March 6, 2010

A Vision of 21st Century Teachers

Came across this at Angela Maiers blog:

I really connect with this video because of my technology and educational past.  I've been lucky enough to learn and be comfortable with technology.  Anyone can do it though.  It just takes making the first step, being creative and not being afraid to fail.  Start small, then tweak things as you go or the next time you attempt it.

My best advice - don't use a lack of technology as an excuse.  It is amazing what funding there is out there and how just a little money can go a long way.

I would also encourage teachers to ask their students what they would like to do.  When I first started doing digital presentations in my World History classes I had no idea how to create a video myself.  Through learning from my students I went a long, long way.  It wasn't long until I was taking what they taught me and teaching it to other students.

It is vital that we bring some of this technology into all of our classes.  It is just how they are going to communicate when our students leave us and move into the real world.

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